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Special Mentoring for Academic Relevance Today in Kidapawan

„ I thank UCCP Kidapawan because they accepted my son to be enrolled in this SMART KID Program”. This was the statement of a Muslim mother whose son
is a beneficiary of the SMART KID Program. 

SMART KID is an accronym that stands for Special Mentoring for Academic Relevance Today in Kidapawan, a program that supports children who are coming from poor families who do not have a chance to enroll in the Kindergarten or Pre-school Program which is a requirement to enter the First Grade
in the Philippines. This program has been existing since 2011 through the initiative of Rev. Christian Hohmann and Rev. Elsie Joy dela Cruz in Partnership
with UCCP Kidapawan City in the Province of North Cotabato, Philippines.

PHILNETZ has been supporting the SMART KID Program since 2013 by facilitating the transfer of funds amounting to 1,200 Euro per year. This amount is raised from donations of some Philnetz members and individuals and it is used to pay for the salary of the teacher. UCCP Kidapawan is responsible for the uniforms, books and miscellaneous expenses of the children. At least 10 students are enrolled each year. Most of the parents of the children are laborers, market verdors and small farmers. The children have various religious backgrounds: Islam, Roman Catholic, Protestants, Sevent Day Adventist and Pentecostal. This made a unique accent in the Kindergarten Program becauseTolerance, Peace and Dialogue are strongly emphasized among the children and parents in the midst of so much conflict and prejudices that prevail among Christians and Muslims in the region of Mindanao.

During our last visit in November 2014, we had the chance to see the Program and were able to talk with the parents and children. They are very thankful for the special opportunity that their children are enrolled in the Kindergarten Program because they really see the fast learning development of their children. The Kindergarten Board members see that this is part of their mission to nurture children and to guide them in their wholistic development (mind, body and soul). They affirm their commitment to continue this program and express their wish that they could enroll more than 10 children who are really deprived of the opportunity to have access in the Kindergarten/Pre-School classes.                                                                                                                         29.01.2015 Elsie Joy de la Cruz  

Update from SMART kid
We are honored to present to you the update of our Project: SMART Kid (Special Mentoring for Academic Relevance Today in Kidapawan).
This school year we have about 10 pupils who belong to the poorest of the poor in the community and needs academic preparations that are relevant in today's academic requirements.
NameAgeParent's work
ALOCELJA, B. S.5Laborer
DIGANANON, A. E.5Laborer
SALMORIN, J. C.5Laborer
STA. MARIA, J. E.5Laborer
AZUNADO, C. A.   6Farmer
BALUYOT, M. A.  6Carpenter
BOCBOC, S. B.5Laborer
CONDINO, M. C. P.5Laborer
LAMPATAN, N. H. A.5Laborer
27.08.2014 Joy dela Cruz
Financial update
We are pleased to announce that we have collected the following amounts for the SMART Kid (Special Mentoring for Academic Relevance Today in Kidapawan) Project in Cotabato, Mindanao:
until October 2014: € 1.307,00 
We thank all individuals and organizations who sent us donations for this project.
01.04.2014 Cristina Fernandez
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